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424 Ashley Falls Rd
Canaan, CT 06018

What Pool Services Do We Offer?

  • Private Pool Rentals: you may sign up to rent our pool for you to enjoy with your dog(s) on a 1/2 hour or hourly basis.  You may use the pool to allow your dog(s) time to swim and play in the pool.  We recommend you bring a fun, floating toy for your dog(s) to play with. (Toys are available for purchase in our boutique as well.) The dock may be used only by those who have already mastered jumping off the dock. POOL RENTALS CAN BE BOOKED ONLINE (see below) OR BY CALLING ULTIMATE DOG AQUATICS at (860)499-8875. Check out our rental packages as well for savings!

  • Dog Swim Lessons: Not all dogs are natural swimmers! If you'd like assistance in teaching your dog to swim, we offer one on one lessons with one of our instructors. Swim lessons are 1/2 hour long instructions at a cost of $40 per lesson.  *Please note: Not all dogs will enjoy or want to swim. Some will learn much quicker than others.  While some may learn very quickly within one session, others may take a series of sessions to build confidence in the water.  Our instructors will teach them with patience and go at a pace that they feel is right for your dog.  We recommend that you bring a floating toy that may be of interest to your dog (toys are also available for purchase at our boutique) and some high value treats.  PLEASE CALL (860)499-8875 TO BOOK YOUR SWIM LESSON AS THEY CANNOT BE BOOKED ONLINE. 

  • Beginner Dock Diving Lessons: Does your dog love to swim and have great toy drive? Dock diving is a fun sport for you and your dog!  We offer one on one beginner dock diving lessons to get you started.  This is a 1/2 hour long lesson at a cost of $60 per lesson.  Dogs should already know how to swim proficiently prior to learning to dock dive.  If your dog needs assistance learning to swim, please sign up for our swim lessons prior to signing up for dock diving lessons. *Please note: Not all dogs will want to dive off of a dock and some dogs will take longer to master this than others. While some dogs may learn quickly in one lesson, others may take a series of lessons to learn.  Our instructors will go at a pace that we feel is comfortable for your dog to build his/her confidence on the dock and will inform you if we feel that this is not of interest to your dog.  Please bring a floating toy with you (toys are also available for purchase in our boutique).  BEGINNER DOCK DIVING LESSONS ARE AVAILABLE ON A LIMITED BASIS.  PLEASE CALL (860)499-8875 TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT AS THEY CANNOT BE BOOKED ONLINE.  

What is Dock Diving?


Dock Diving is a competitive sport in which your dog runs down a dock and jumps in to a pool.  The dog is judged for distance based upon where the dog enters the water. There are different affiliations (Ultimate Air Dogs, NADD and Dock Dogs to name a few) which each have their own set of rules. Each affiliation also has "games" in addition to regular distance jumping.  A competition typically is a "long dock" competition.  A "long" dock is generally 40' long and the competition pool is a minimum of 40' or more.  There are also some "short dock" competitions. Our pool is what is considered a "short dock" or "practice dock/pool".  Our dock is 26' long and our pool is 30' long.  In "short dock" competitions, the dock is 20' long with a 30' pool.  Our pool is perfect for learning the sport or practicing! After learning, if you are interested in competing, we are happy to assist you in finding a local venue in which you can compete.   


Please Note: Only dogs are allowed in the pool (sorry, people other than staff are not allowed in the pool). If your dog is not comfortable in the water or has not learned to swim, we highly recommend a swim lesson(s) with one of our instructors prior to private rentals.

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