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Q: What will it cost to have my dog groomed?

A: Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to tell you exactly how much it will cost to groom your dog ahead of time.  There are many factors which all dictate the final cost of your dog's grooming: breed of dog, size of dog, density of coat, texture of coat, condition of coat, dog's temperament, amount of cooperation from dog, etc.   We can give you an approximate starting price, based on the breed of your dog, but please understand that this is ONLY a starting price and the price can vary depending on all of the above factors. 

Q: How long will I have to leave my dog with you?

A: The time it takes to groom a dog can vary.  Generally, you should plan on 1-2 hours for bath services and a minimum of 2-3 hours for full grooming services (with haircuts) per dog.  Times can vary per individual dog, so longer times may be needed.  We do ask everyone for a contact number at drop off and we call as soon as your dog is finished.  We kindly ask that you wait for our call and not call us or show up without getting your call to come.  We understand everyone is anxious to get their pup back to check out their new do, however, every day is different and many things can effect the amount of time your dogs spend with us.  


Q: Can I stay with my dog while he/she is getting groomed?

A: We do not allow owners to stay while their dog is being groomed.  This often causes more anxiety with the dog having owner(s) present.  The dog typically spends it's time trying to get to the owner and makes it much harder for the groomer to do their job.  Leaving a dog for grooming is much like leaving your toddler at daycare; they may show a little anxiety when being dropped off, however, once the owner/parent is gone, they tend to settle in just fine!

Q: Can I request a certain groomer to groom my dog?

A: Absolutely! Please notify us when booking your appointment if you'd like to request a certain groomer.

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