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Meet our dog trainer...


Krista Barger

     As long as she can remember dogs have always been an integral part of Krista Barger’s life. As a child she would help care for and train the family’s dogs, as well as compete in canine 4H (which as an adult she later helped teach). At 16 she began working in an animal hospital where her love for dogs grew along with her curiosity of canine behavior. This curiosity led to Krista attending Starmark/Triple Crown Academy for Professional Dog Trainers in 2007 and graduating from their Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Program. Through this program she was introduced to many different training methods and tools. After graduation, Krista began to teach group classes and private lessons in behavior and real-life obedience. She also worked in doggy daycares, an animal shelter and veterinary hospitals and now at Ultimate Dog. 

Throughout her life, Krista has shared her home with a parakeet, cats, rabbits, Bloodhounds, German Shepherds, a Golden Retriever, a Papillon, an American Pitbull Terrier, a Border Collie, mixed breeds and Australian Shepherds. These pets helped Krista in learning more and more about behavior and training. Having lived with and worked with various breeds, she has learned what traits tend to be more prevalent in some breeds versus others. Her approach to training is not a one size fits all. She sees each dog and handler as an individual and treats them as such, finding the best solution for that team. She finds it of utmost importance to utilize the least intrusive method of training, while still being effective. Her training also focuses on the relationship between dog and human as the foundation for training. Having trained and lived with deaf dogs she found it essential to read the dog’s body language for feedback and learn what they are communicating to you. This approach helps to teach the dog how to make correct decisions. Krista enjoys working with all dogs of different breeds and ages but has a special place in her heart for nervous and shy dogs having shared her house with some. Early puppy imprinting is also a favorite of hers.

     During her time of working with dogs she continues to grow and learn. She looks to attend any lectures or classes that might help further her education. She has attended seminars hosted by trainers such as Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell and Suzanne Clothier. She has also attended a behavior seminar at the Wolf Park located in Battle Ground, Indiana and was able to meet some of the wolves. 

     Krista currently shares her home with her 8 year old and 1 year old Australian Shepherds, Ziggy and Ginny. On her time off Krista can be seen training and competing with her dogs. She is beginning their training in nosework, agility and canicross. They have competed and titled in barn hunt, rally, obedience, disc dog, weight pull, trick dog, Canine Good Citizen testing and fast cat. 

     Krista looks forward to helping you and your dog become a great team!

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